Updating the valuation of your museum collection is so often a project that busy curators are happy to put off until next year, the year after or even the year after that!

Finding the time and funds for a valuation is difficult, the Museum Valuation Charitable Trust (MVCT) can help. MVCT is a charity formed just for this purpose and has funds to give to museums that need help meeting the cost of a valuation. MVCT is willing to make grants of up to 100% of the valuation fees, subject to a maximum of £5,000 per museum. The funds available to MVCT are limited, apply soon to take advantage of this opportunity.

At Art & Antiques Appraisals we specialise in museum valuations and are only too aware of how overdue some of these valuations are. We are delighted to work with the MVCT to further its aim of assisting museums to get valuations updated. We will give a free valuation quotation (or visit and full proposal depending on what is required) to any museum wishing to apply.

It is simple to apply, either directly to the MVCT Trustees or through James Glennie at Art & Antiques Appraisals. If you would like to discuss the application process please ring James on 01263 713340 or email:

CLICK HERE to see the aims, application criteria and details of the MVCT. We look forward to hearing from you.