Curated by Art & Antiques Appraisals between 2010 – 2020

Each exhbition was accompanied by lectures or gallery talks.These exhibitions would not have been possible without the great generosity of lenders, sponsors and many volunteers, to whom we are very grateful.

Selected works from the Adeane Collection

(on loan from the East Anglia Art Fund)

works by:
Warhol, Rodin, Ernst, Nolde, Sutherland etc

Max Ernst
Bird School Sign

Oil on board

PHOTO: Norfolk Museum’s Service
© The Artist’s Estate

Pre-Raphaelites & Friends

works by:
Rossetti, Burne-Jones, Sandys, Holman Hunt, Millais etc

Edward Burne-Jones
Maria Zambaco

c 1866

Red chalk


Formerly in the private collection of J P Getty
PHOTO: Art & Antiques Appraisals

British Impressionists

works by:
De Glehn, Whistler, Steer, Clausen, Pissarro, Lowry, Gore, Munnings, Seago etc

Wilfred de Glehn
The Bathers

Oil on canvas

PHOTO: Art & Antiques Appraisals
© The Artist’s Estate

Joss Cartoons & Caricatures

Frederick Joss
The Theory of Relativity

c 1933

Brush, ink and collage

PHOTO: Art & Antiques Appraisals
© The Artist’s Estate


works by:
Moore, Hepworth, Gabo, Nicholson, Le Corbusier etc


Henry Moore
Reclining figure


PHOTO: Art & Antiques Appraisals

Models & Muses

works by:
Matisse, Degas, Burne-Jones, Gainsborough, Romney

Thomas Cooper Gotch
The Exile: Heavy is the Price I Paid for Love

Oil on canvas

PHOTO: Alfred East Gallery

Howard Carter & Tutankhamun

Egyptian Antiquities dating from the 11th Dynasty, Howard Carter and other exploration watercolours, ephemera and manuscripts relating to Tutankhamun, including the never previously exhibited original telegram from Carter to the Egyptian Authorities saying they have found the sarcophagus and inviting them to come the following day to see it opened.

Pop Goes Art

works by:
Blake, Warhol, Hockney, Dine, Lichtenstein, Self, Haring, Hamilton, Oldenburg etc

Andy Warhol

Acrylic on canvas

PHOTO: Art & Antiques Appraisals
© The Artist’s Estate


works by:
Bell, Fry, Grant, Carrington, Lamb etc

Dora Carrington
Frances Penrose

Oil, ink, silver paper on glass

PHOTO: Art & Antiques Appraisals

Munnings Before the Great War

Alfred James Munnings
Angereau & Shrimp


PHOTO: Art & Antiques Appraisals
© The Artist’s Estate

The Lure of St Ives

works by:
Hepworth, Nicholson, Frost, Wood, Leach etc

Ben Nicholson
1948 Still Life

Oil and graphite on board

PHOTO: Leicester Museums & Galleries
© Angela Verren Taunt

Benton End & Friends

works by:
Morris, Haines, Freud, Nash, Wood, Hambling etc

Maggi Hambling talking to James Glennie about her time and the characters at Benton End
Holt Festival, July 2017
Film by Ed Raison

Sir Cedric Morris
Benton Blue Tit

Oil on canvas

© The Artist’s Estate

The Instinctive Artist
Edward Seago

Edward Seago
Near Base “F” Falkland Islands

Painted when with HRH Prince Philip on his Antarctic Expedition 1956/7

Oil and canvas

PHOTO: Art & Antiques Appraisals
© The Artist’s Estate

Head to Head
Dora Gordine
& Jacob Epstein – Exotic Influences

Dora Gordine
Pagan 1930/2


PHOTO: Dorich House Museum
© The Artist’s Estate

Blithe Spirit
The Blythe Valley a Creative Haven


works by:
Piper, Spencer, Nash, Steer, Arnesby Brown, Hambling, Herman etc and a highly significant hitherto unrecorded correspondence from George Orwell

Sir Stanley Spencer
Richard Carline

(who met and married the artist’s sister at Blythburgh, Suffolk)

Oil on canvas

PHOTO: Rugby Museum & Art Gallery Collections
© The Artist’s Estate

John Hurt as Artist

Sir John Hurt printmaking
with self-portrait beyond

PHOTO: Andi Sapey
© Andi Sapey

Inventing the Future

Auden, the Spenders, Britten, the Nicholsons, Cockerell, Dyson and many others


Kit Nicholson
Studio for Augustus John


Lucie Rie & Hans Coper

An exhibition of ceramics by these 20th Century giants, mainly from private collections, including many hitherto unseen works

PHOTO: Art & Antiques Appraisals

Two Lives in Colour

Fred Dubery & Joanne Brogden
on behalf of
The East Anglia Art Fund

Fred Dubery
White Sunshade II

Oil on canvas

PHOTO: Ken Allard
© The Artist’s Estate